Company Retreats

PortoEvents Organizes a wide variety of events in and around the unforgettable city of Porto.​

Take your employees on a bespoke retreat

Work Retreat

Take your team on a work retreat where everybody can work together and focus exclusively on a business problem, but also spend time bonding. Team bonding activities my include surfing in the Atlantic Ocean, local cuisine tasting with a guided food tour, escape rooms, explore the city on a guided walking tour, stand-up paddleboarding in Northern Portugal or paint authentic Portuguese tiles with traditional designs.

Team Building Retreat

This type of retreat is typically dedicated to team bonding only. This retreat allows the team to work together through a whole range of team-building activities, games, exercises and icebreakers.

Remote Teams Retreats

Unlike the more traditional way of working where you see your colleagues everyday in the office, remote team mostly communicate using chats and calls and don't have the opportunity to meet each other in person every work-day.

Startup Retreats

A team building experience to boost your start up culture. Startup Retreats are great to help new hires integrate into the team, get everyone on the same page and prepare for the upcoming growth moments or to celebrate your new investment round.

Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreats are focused exclusively in the executive team. In this retreat, the senior management team gets the chance to discuss about the company future and look at the performance of both the company and employees. Take your executive team out of the office and into a new environment to spark creativity and critical thinking.

Team Workations

Take your team to work remotely from Porto or the Northern of Portugal. Take your team to spend time in nature, while working and hiking. After all, all we need is fast and stable internet and a comfortable chair.

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