Corporate events aren’t all about sales meetings and motivational speeches – if your event is to be held in Porto, you really need to take the opportunity to let your hair down and have some fun in this fabulous city. So, we organise a wide range of activities – touristic, cultural, artistic, sporting – whatever floats your boat. Meanwhile, we are very aware of the need to get all of the group involved and members of the Porto Events team will be there to make sure that the activities go off without a hitch. Here are a few ideas for popular activities that we have already run for our corporate groups. If you are looking for something not on the list, please just let us know!

  1. A Cooking class is a great way to learn about Portuguese cuisine, its origins and to try some of the most traditional pastries, such as the famous Pastel de Nata. Since Porto is known for its incredible dishes, a cooking class is the best way to expand your knowledge of its gastronomy through an interactive approach.
  • With a Ceramics workshop you can count on a hands-on activity that involves painting and creating your very own “Azulejo” – a Portuguese tile that paints the entire city blue. These ceramic tiles distinguish Porto from any other Portuguese city, as they can been seen in almost every road and each pattern is totally unique.
  • A Walking tour of the city is our top choice when it comes to discovering Porto’s hidden gems and visiting the most remarkable places.  With Porto Events you can look forward to a guided tour all the way from the highest point of the city down to the river side.
  • Anotherfun group dynamic we propose is a Bike tour. We plan bike tours in the outskirts of Porto where you can cycle along some of the beautiful beaches located in the north of Portugal. The recently made bike lanes on the coast offer an incredible opportunity to visit the city in a different way, in case walking isn’t really your cup of tea.
  • A sailing boat race. This is great fun and you don’t need to know anything about sailing! In teams of 4 you will learn a few basics about sailing and then your teams will crew for an experienced captain (from our Porto Events staff). You will then have a series of races on the river Douro within view of Porto.
  • A Boat Cruise on the Douro River is a wonderful experience that we strongly recommend to the groups we receive and a little more relaxing than racing! The boat cruise that our team picks out allows you to soak in the breathtaking panoramic views along the river Douro and we can organise food, drink and entertainment (for example we have done these cruises with a live jazz band and cocktail bar). The unique view of the city provides a moment of relaxation and sightseeing, besides the excellent photo opportunities.
douro river event
  • Wine tasting. In Porto events we offer you a wide range of wine tasting activities in the city’s beautiful vintage Port wine cellars. This enriching activity engages all of your senses through observation, taste, discussion, making it a must-do activity for wine lovers. You get to learn about how Port wine is made and about the hundreds of years of history associated with it.

These are just a flavour of the activities that we organise for events in Porto. If you have a specific request, then please let us know and we will do our best to organise it for you!