Porto, is known for its friendly atmosphere, helpful people and all round charm. It is not surprising that is has now been voted for the third time “Best European Destination”.

The enchanting narrow streets, the amazing architecture, the river, the sea, the small cafes and bars, little shops and its people, are many of the contributing factors that make Porto the best European destination and the perfect city for a weekend break.

Though you could wander around for hours taking in the city, exploring and day dreaming, you mustn’t and can’t miss out on some of the essential things to do in Porto. First of all, you can’t say you have properly been to Portugal until you have had a Super Bock! So, where better to go than a terrace bar in the Ribeira. Down by the river you will find one of the many “esplanadas” where you can sit, have a beer and watch the world go by.

To come to a city by the sea and not see it would be a shame, take the tram to the Passeio Alegre, the mouth of the river and walk along the sea front until you find a beach bar. If you are feeling more adventurous you could also take a boat trip up the river on one of the typical “Rabelo” boats, which used to transport the Port Wine from the Douro Valley down to Porto. If you would rather just admire the boats, then cross the Ponte D. Luis and while you are there you can also visit one of the many famous Port Wine Cellars and try some of the famous Port wine. Porto Events recommends you go to Graham’s, Taylors or Calem, though all are equally as good.

When it comes to food… Bakeries and Cafes are big in Portugal, go to one for breakfast and try one of wide variety of cakes or bread to start the day and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were popping back into one half way through the afternoon, if not half way through the morning. Again, being so close to the sea, fish is always a great choice or one of the many traditional Portuguese dishes but if you are feeling brave then you have to try a “Francesinha” which is very typical of Porto and said to have a secret recipe…

There are so many more aspects that makes Porto such a great destination, check them out below:

Must do’s and see’s in Porto

-“Mercado do Bolhão” go see, smell and take in this very authentic daily market
-São Bento Train Station, one the most beautiful train stations in the world, depicting some of Portugal’s historical landmarks on over twenty thousand tiles
-Serralves, Museum of Contemporary Art and its magical gardens
-The Art Galleries on Rua Miguel Bombarda
-The gardens at Palacio Cristal and their stunning views of the river
-Torre dos Clérigos climb the 240 steps to see views of the entire city
-Visit Lello bookshop, one of the most magical book shops in the world
-Palácio da Bolsa do Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage and one of the most beautiful buildings in Portugal
-Rua de Santa Catarina, if you feel like doing a bit of shopping, there are both your traditional high street shops and smaller independent shops
-Rua das Galerias de Paris, best place to go after dinner, plenty of bars and a very lively atmosphere

All these contributing factors make Porto the best place to host your next event and with the help of Porto Events an even better place. Porto Events provides information, tips and services to make planning your event hassle free and flexible. To find out more about how we can help you plan your next event in Porto email us at info@portoevents.com.