Everyone wants to come to Porto and with good reason – it has never been so popular with tourists, conferences, cultural events and so on, but the problem is that we just can’t build enough hotels for everyone to stay in, which can be a problem for a DMC like us! 10 years ago there were no five star hotels in central Porto, now you can hardly walk down the street without stubbing your toe on one (OK so that is an exaggeration, there are 6 of them as well as 28 four star hotels).

The problem is that at popular times of the year (May to September, it is very difficult to get a large booking in a hotel for a conference or similar) so we have started looking to nearby cities for help. Top of the list is Aveiro, which is about 45 minutes drive down the coast south of Porto. It is a small city with a very attractive old town built around its canals and is perfect for small and medium sized events. It is the kind of place that you can easily walk around, so it means you have everything on your doorstep and hotel prices are typically 40% lower than those found in Porto.

If Aveiro doesn’t take your fancy, we are also able to organize conferences, corporate events and so on in Guimaraes (an historic, small city 30 minutes north of Portugal) and Braga (slightly further north, but also a wonderful place to visit).