Over the years, Porto has established itself as a convenient and popular location to host an event. There are many different venues for events in Porto, as well as the nearby cities such as Aveiro, Guimarães and Braga all a short train trip away. Its convenience is linked to the quality/price relation the country offers. Portugal has a lot of specialized workers, the minimum wage is lower than many other European countries and the country is incredibly beautiful and safe.

Business & Innovation Events

Due to the Universities and Research & Development institutes that are established in the City of Porto and the industrialization of Northern Portugal, Porto hosts a large number of innovation and business-related events.

As an example, the city will be holding the 8th European Conference on Protective Clothing, the International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends and the Fiware Global Summit, the Porto TechHub, the XP 2018, and those are just some events that will take place until the end of the month. It’s easy to understand both the connection to the Universities, Textile Industry and Research Institutes. Porto will be hosting a lot more conferences and summits about different topics up to the end of the year. One of the events, Climate Change Leadership, will include as Keynote Speaker Barack Obama.

Cultural Events

But Porto does not live only from knowledge, research and innovation. During the late spring and summer of 2018, the city will be full of cultural initiatives. In early June we can start with the 50 hours of non-stop party at Serralves in Festa. This event is a unique opportunity to see different cultural activities entirely free. You can find anything from circus to video art.

On a different scale and in the following weekend, Nos Primavera Sound will take place in one of the most charming parks in Porto: the City Park. Not only will you have the opportunity to listen to music in natural amphitheatres but also you can enjoy the day on the nearby beach.


From these examples, it’s easy to understand that the city has the structures to host different scale events. Not only for the number of different venues but also because of the increase in the number of beds available in the city – from low-cost hostels to 5 Stars hotels. However, the downside of Porto’s popularity is that it might be difficult to book a venue if you don’t plan ahead. Our advice is to try and book with at least with one year in advance.


If you are looking for a DMC in Porto or need any advice or suggestions, please contact us at PortoEvents.