To get a flavour of some of the conferences, trade shows, conventions and other corporate events in Porto in 2014, to understand the broad spectrum of facilities that Porto and northern Portugal have to offer, here are some Porto events:

MTB Superyachts – Sheraton Porto
International Conference On Biodetal Engineering – FEUP
International Steel Construction Exhibition – Exponor
The International Conference on Composite Structures – University of Porto
International Conference on Structural Dynamics – FEUP
The European Meeting of Young Ophthalmologists – HF Ipanema
The World Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing – PIP
The IPSF World Congress – Palácio de Cristal
Portugal Fashion / Modtissimo – Alfandega do Porto
Best of the stars – The Yeatman
The Ocean Forum – Exponor
Essence of Wine – Palácio da Bolsa

This is just a handful of the 100s of events that Porto is hosting in 2014, in venues of all sizes and types. If you are interested in hosting your event in Porto, please get in touch with PortoEvents.
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