Porto is one of Europe’s most beautiful and hospitable cities, but perhaps you already new that? What about some numbers to show why Porto and Northern Portugal is such a compelling place to run your event:

-220 sunny days a year
-Average cost of a cappuccino – €0.89
-Average double room rates:
Hotel 5* €133.40
Hotel 3* €44.47
Hotel 1* €29.65
-70+ destination from Porto airport
-62% of residents speak a second language
-Cost of a 10kms taxi ride – €8
-Distance from airport to city centre – 11kms
-Average wage in hospitality industry – €3.10 an hour
-Quantity of port wine bottles sold in 2015 – 110 million

If these numbers aren’t enough to convince you, then have a look at this video, which gives a snapshot of what Porto and the north of Portugal has to offer.

More important than all of this though is the welcome Porto people like to give to guests, which speaks louder than any of the numbers above. So if you are interested in running your corporate event in Porto, please get in touch.