We are very lucky here in Porto do be sat on the banks of one of the world’s most beautiful rivers, the Douro. And even luckier the Douro is the focus of the production of port wine and Douro table wines, which makes it an enviable destination for wine events – we specialize in organizing wine themed events with a bit of a twist. So for example one of the vineyards (quintas) that we visit is only accessible by boat and for our guests we do a wine tour that incorporates a visit with a picnic among the vines. Other special events we run include allowing guests to have a go at blending wines and dinners hosted by winemakers.

Most of the larger and medium sized vineyards around Porto already offer a standard tourist tour of their facilities, but by working with PortoEvents we can give you a privileged access to the areas of vineyards that the public don’t normally get to see. We also know how to get the vineyards to dig out the old bottles that are only brought out on special occasions, which are not available to buy on the market and can provide a unique tasting experience. We also organize events in the nearby Vinho Verde wine producing area, just to the north of Porto.

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So if you would like to have a corporate wine tasting or similar event in northern Portugal which is a little different to the tourist options advertized on the market, then please contact us and we will put together an unforgettable package for you.