Everybody loves a party, but when you have a really special event planned and you want to go somewhere unforgettable to celebrate, here are some very good reasons why Porto should be top of your list.

1. Venues – Porto has a fabulous range of venues on offer: intimate, historic, modern, fancy, understated, but most important imbued with the character of this unique city.
2. Food – there has been a gastronomic revolution in Porto over the last 10 years or so. Where originally food tended to be traditional but enjoyable, there is now fusion of Portuguese flavours with tastes from all over the world for some truly unique and memorable menus.
3. Easy access – Porto airport is just 15 minutes to the city centre and serves over 60 destinations with an enormous range of low-cost flights.
4. Somewhere to stay – there is an amazing range of 4 and 5 star hotels in around Porto city centre, with many occupying refurbished historic sites.
5. Competitive prices – prices have been rising in Porto over the last 10 years or so as the city has grown in popularity, but you can still hold a gala dinner for extremely attractive prices compared to most other cities around Europe.
6. The sun – northern Portugal has a wonderful sunny climate, that rarely gets too hot even in mid-Summer but has generally good weather throughout the year.
7. A friendly city – northern Portugal is still a largely traditional culture where treating guests well is still second nature. Everybody who comes to Porto comments on the warmth of the welcome they receive.
8. So much to do – when not attending the gala dinner, there is plenty of distractions in and around Porto, including trips up the Douro river to Port wine country, endless sandy beaches and uncountable historic sites within the city.
9. The river – the river Douro cuts through the centre of Porto and it offers a focal point for many events. You can for example have pre-dinner cocktails on a boat that will take you to your venue, or have your event on a terrace overlooking this majestic river.
10. A Goldilocks city – not too big, not too small; friendly but cosmopolitan; attractively priced but fantastic quality; sunny, but not too hot. Porto has the perfect balance for an unforgettable event!

So if you are interested in holding a gala dinner in Porto, please contact us if you are looking for a DMC in Porto.